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Wedding Cake Ideas

There are millions of wedding cake ideas on the internet, some are ordinary, some are funny and some are way over the top! But because there are so many, and so many which look very similar, you can easily feel uninspired, confused or bored. Don't be disheartened, Dove Love Ceramics wedding cake toppers will make your wedding cake a trend setter.

With a beautiful cake, a few seasonal flowers and a porcelain hand made designer wedding cake topper, your wedding cake will look elegant and sophisticated.

Where did I get my inspiration? Well, first I looked at the wedding cake toppers currently on the market and I was shocked at how 'samey' there all were. You have two main types - the bubble people and the laser cut letters. I really believe these have had their day and most couples want something a bit more unique and exciting for their wedding. There are also peg people, lego people or little cutesy animals. These toppers are a bit more interesting then the bubble people or laser cut letters but they can look a bit unsophisticated or twee.

After looking at modern wedding cake toppers I looked at vintage toppers from the 1920's to the 1960's and I was inspired to add the glamour and the style back into the wedding cake.

So, why have a topper at all? Well, weddings are full of tradition and cake toppers are a British tradition that has lasted for generations, a tradition that we don't want to give up and why should we?

My hand made wedding cake toppers are sophisticated, they are elegant and they are, of course, totally unique. There are no comparisons. I make every one by hand with timeless white porcelain clay which will last as an heirloom to pass down the generations.

Contact me to discuss your ideas and book in a date for making your topper as unique as you can imagine.






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